Hello, my name is Barush Bla┼żek

I’m a Czech product designer with a software engineering background, currently working for SentinelOne

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Working full-time as a product designer and frontend engineer last 5 years in two startups caused my portfolio is rather short. On the contrary, I experienced all stages of design systems – creation, maintenance, and refactor. Therefore, I am wiser now and know how to create scalable design systems that are easily changeable and reusable.

I have experience with low-fidelity and high-fidelity interactive prototyping in both Adobe XD and Figma. I can build the components in React or Angular and adjust the styles in Sass. I can implement events logging to Google Analytics to know how UI is used. If desired, I can create short animations or promotional videos in Adobe Premiere Pro or any other graphical oriented tasks.

As a product designer, I’ve been responsible for the redesign of the VIVIDI platform. Specifically, its design system definition, design and prototyping of new UI components in Adobe XD, product features management, knowledge base maintenance, website WordPress maintenance and occasional React frontend development of the platform. Besides that, I define issues for the new features for the frontend team and make sure that the features behave and look as designed. To track how users interact with the UI, I implemented Google Analytics events tracking and Hotjar recordings to unveil UX flaws and bugs.

VIVIDI Web VIVIDI Presentation for shopping malls (PDF) VIVIDI Design system (Adobe XD) VIVIDI Statistics pages (Adobe XD)

As a Fronted UX developer I designed and implemented the first MVP of the product GoodVision Video Insights Platform. The platform is used by traffic surveyors and modellers to automatically collect and analyze traffic data from existing video sources. Therefore, I needed to handle the display, filtering and reporting of the complex spatio-temporal data of detected vehicles so that user could easily understand what he/she sees.

Subsequently, I managed the prioritization, design and development of the new features into the platform as a product manager. I defined the issues for the dev team into YouTrack and collected insights from the users. Finally, I created the knowledge base structure and content for the public GoodVision Knowledge Base.

GoodVision webGoodVision Knowledge BaseGoodVision Platform (Adobe XD)

I designed and built Android mobile app for the NFC glucose meter for children with diabetes. We won the 1. place at Microsoft Imagine Cup where I created and co-presented all the winning pitches.

See video how it works Go to Techcrunch article Microsoft Press Release

my principles.

I’m a perfectionist. However, I’ve learnt that when building a MVP, it’s about the time. Therefore, I know how to switch a context quickly and manage to learn new things on the go if needed. People often say about me that I get the things done. Fast. I have no superpower. I only work systematically and follow my golden rule shortest task first.

I like to have my things clean and organized. Whether it’s my apartment, desk, desktop or my inbox. I am a protagonist of work hard, play hard. I will work on your last-minute task until midnight if it is crucial for you. However, to square up, I expect flexible working hours and environment.

freelance projects.

In every project, I start with a client’s expectations and specifications. If needed, I support the client with the initial setup, such as domain and web hosting. Afterwards, I create multiple prototypes/designs where the client chooses their favourite that I develop further. Finally, we execute a few iterations together until all sides are satisfied. Below is a selection of my freelance projects in the last five years, including mobile applications, website designs and graphic manuals.


Graphic manual for the Lithuanian PC and laptop reseller. The graphic manual includes logos, color palette, typography and basic UI components design.


Co-founded non-profit women's association organizing free STEM courses for children (10 - 15 years). I built the registration system and website in Angular 2.

Caloric Charts
Caloric Charts

Design and development of Caloric Charts for Windows Phone (4.7 stars at MS Store). Also, I presented the application at AppParade 21 and won the 2. place.


Design concept and interactive prototype of mobile application for children with scoliosis using Actibelt hardware. Application received an UX reward from HCI department.

Sideria School
Sideria School

Website design and application design concept for online platform Sideria School helping children with a school preparation after the corona season.

Ucim o klimatu
Ucim o klimatu

Design and WordPress realization of the website focused on distributing a high-quality material for teachers about the climate change. Project was funded by Clovek v tisni.

design workshops.

Occasionally, I organize product design workshops for the public in Prague or abroad. I like to share my know-how, productivity tips and resources with junior level designers. Besides that, it’s an excellent opportunity how to meet new prospective people.

get in touch.

Would you like to discuss some job opportunity, freelance project or just chat about the current trends in product design? Book a slot in Calendly and let’s have a quick coffee in EMA coffee shop. Because everything is better with a cup of coffee, right?

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